William M. Thompson, MDAs the third APDR President, I followed our second president Lee B. Talner, M.D. and our first and founding president Jerome H. Arndt, M.D. In 1995 I was also the Program Chairman of the RSNA and the President of The Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology so I was very busy. Fortunately the APDR was still in mostly an organizational mode. It was also fortunate for the APDR that Drs Arndt and Talner had preceded me as they were familiar with all the issues facing our new society. They pretty much did all the work and I, just like a good first officer, signed off on all their accomplishments. It is kind of amazing to me that Jerry and I first started discussing the possibility of an APDR in Nashville at the 1985 AUR Meeting and 10 years later I was our third president. As everyone knows in our early years (and for many more) Jerry was really doing most of the administrative work for the APDR and with the help of his wife Sheila, they computerized our membership list and worked very hard together to grow the society. I was amazed at how much they accomplished in such a short time. So they really made me look good as our third president. I do know we had a great meeting in association with the AUR and at the end of the meeting everyone in both organizations knew the APDR was for real. Over the past 13 years both organizations as well as our entire field have undergone many changes, most have been positive. I do not think any of us in those early years of the APDR realized just how much our new society would impact the annual meeting, Radiology and be attractive to many other research and educational organizations. I suspect Jerry probably had more vision than most of us as he did predict early on that the APDR would have a big influence on all of Radiology. He was correct.

Over the past 8 years since I stepped down as Chair of Radiology at the University of Minnesota, I have completely stopped doing any administration and therefore I have not added much to either the APDR or AUR, nor do I now have much to add to these very mature organizations. Thus, I have not attended a meeting in a number of years as I have dedicated the last few years to clinical work, teaching and writing. These things have consumed all my time but I do think for good reasons. On the other hand, I do miss all my APDR friends I so looked forward to seeing at the meetings, so I will try to get to this year’s meeting.

I feel very proud of the fact that I was a small part of starting the APDR as I do feel it has had a major impact of the lives of hundreds of residents, fellows, administrative folks and most academic radiologists. I am blessed to have been part of the early APDR years and to have made so many wonderful friends. Thank you.