Ingrid Peterson, MD, presided over an APDR with growing membership which totaled 302 members in 1997. She stressed that the APDR was created to represent not only university programs but private and military programs as well.

The ERAS program was in its second year of operation. An effort was made to have as many Radiology Residency Programs register with ERAS. ERAS training was provided at the annual AUR meeting. The APDR effort resulted in 70% of all Radiology Residency Programs registered with ERAS in 1997.

The APDR became a full sponsor of the Journal Academic Radiology. The society arranged for an APDR page in each issue of Academic Radiology. Members were encouraged to submit articles to the Journal.

Emergency Medicine Residency Training requirements include a proposed curriculum in ultrasound. The APDR and SCARD endorsed a joint statement which rejected the proposed requirement for training in ultrasound. The American College of Cardiology joined in opposing the new requirement in Emergency Medicine.

The APDR Achievement Award was created and the first winner was Jerome Ardnt, M.D.