Vijay M. Rao, MDI had the honor and privilege of serving as the tenth President of APDR from 2002-2003 succeeding Jay Harolds, M.D. For me personally, APDR has been a journey which has influenced my career tremendously and helped me develop friendships that I continue to cherish.

I had been with the APDR since its inception in 1993. I vividly remember a call from Dr. Jerry Arndt during my sabbatical leave asking me to chair the curriculum committee of a new organization, APDR. Having served as residency program director at Jefferson since 1987 and being passionate about residency education, it was a quick acceptance.

APDR as an organization blossomed more rapidly than anyone could have imagined. In less than a decade, some of the original reservations about “children growing up” as expressed in Dr. Arndt’s report, were beginning to emerge. But the strong bond of an academic family and the mutual respect of AUR/APDR and the SCARD leadership was able to assuage tensions. I am pleased to summarize highlights of the year 2002-2003.

  • APDR joined in the formation of an Academic Council which included members of APDR, AUR, SCARD and RSNA, with the goal of creating synergy between the four groups to promote inter-organizational collaboration on common initiatives.
  • APDR signed a five-year agreement with the RSNA for management services.
  • APDR developed a five-year strategic plan.
  • APDR Board endorsed continuation of the Educational Grant Project.
  • RRC adopted language regarding protected time for residency training programs – thanks to the efforts of Coralie Shaw, M.D. and program directors support committee.
  • Residency Program Manual was published by Janette Collins, M.D. as a supplement to Academic Radiology.
  • Fellowship match program for all ACGME accredited fellowships was implemented thanks to the efforts of Charles Resnik, M.D.
  • AUR President, Ella Kazerooni, M.D., and President-Elect, Etta Pisano, M.D., presented to the APDR Board in April 2003 a nonbinding “Memorandum of Understanding” for consideration
  • Consultative Services Program under the leadership of Murray Janower, M.D. was implemented.
  • Substantial advancements in electronic communications were made under the leadership of Spencer Gay, M.D. The APDR website was reorganized under the management of CRM, and an education web portal was launched.

It was a productive and rewarding year for me personally. It was gratifying to note that the academic societies shared a common vision and were renewing their commitment to working together. At the end of the term, it was my pleasure to pass the baton to a dear friend and a very capable leader, Janet Strife, M.D.