Spencer B. Gay, MDThe APDR year of 2005-06 began with the AUR meeting where the Competencies were just beginning to be implemented and evaluated in residencies. The meeting also featured sessions on learner-centered education - the keynote address was given by Geoffrey Norman. He emphasized the concept that effective learning takes place in context and that getting lots of repetitions while practicing skills learned at the view box is key to mastery.

Later in 2005, a discussion took place at the ACR Intersociety Conference that was to be the beginning of the restructuring of the radiology residency and the written/oral exams. I gave a presentation on the history of the residency in radiology along with the effects of various changes in the overall plan. At the same time, the ABR began stressing the importance of Maintenance of Certification in the future, particularly with time-limited certificates. MOC required the creation of a series of interactive Self – Assessment Modules (SAMS) to assess competency.

During this year, the general fellowship match failed, despite a lot of work. Only the subspecialties of only the subspecialties of Vascular/Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology and Pediatric Radiology continued in the match.

A forum was held to improve physics education for residents sponsored by the AAPM. The APDR position was that the test itself should examine competency in those concepts of physics basics that would be helpful for a practicing radiologist to know. A plan was made to publish the curriculum and have AAPM members create on line modules for physics education.

In 2005-06, the foundation was laid for the changes that would be implemented with the residency class beginning in 2010. Effective online and other methods of learner-centered education were discussed and featured at meetings and national organizations.