APDR PRESIDENT – 2006-2007

Jannette Collins, MD, MEd, FCCPDuring my tenure the APDR continued to thrive, as evidenced by its growing membership, sound financial status, and the multitude of committee volunteers working on important projects. The APDR strengthened its relationships with other societies both within and outside of the AUR.

Dr. Coralie Shaw, former President of APDR, established and chaired the Program Directors’ Support Committee. This committee surveyed program coordinators as to the level of support they received from their department and institution. Her work led to changes in the ACGME diagnostic radiology residency program requirements, requiring that program coordinators have sufficient time to fulfill the responsibilities essential in meeting the educational goals and administrative requirements of the program.

Martha Mainiero chaired the APDR-ACR Joint Committee on Competency Resource Development. Through this committee, the APDR strengthened its relationship with the ACR when the two organizations collaborated to develop an on-line educational product which addressed the systems-based practice competency.

In 2006, the ACGME issued several proposed changes to the diagnostic radiology residency program requirements. The most controversial change was in requiring residents to have 12 months of radiology training prior to taking independent call. Thanks to Mark McKinney, Chair of the APDR website committee, the APDR website was enhanced with many new features, including a discussion forum, document library, and 2006 meeting materials.

New programs were introduced at the AUR meeting. Due to the hard work of Jay Harolds, Bennett Greenspan and Darlene Metter, the Academic Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and the APDR Nuclear Medicine Committee sponsored multiple sessions at the 2007 AUR meeting. An Imaging Physics Course for radiology residents, championed by Kimberly Applegate, was also implemented at the 2007 AUR meeting. One of my initiatives was medical education research workshops, sponsored by APDR and RSNA that were offered at the 2007 AUR meeting. These workshops, open to all AUR, APDR and SCARD members were part of a series of workshops offered by the Association of American Medical Colleges and were part of an AAMC Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) program. No fees were charged by the AUR for attending the APDR/RSNA workshops.

A new AUR alliance was established called ACER (Alliance of Clinician-Educators in Radiology). The mission of this new organization, under the leadership of its founding president, Eric Stern, dovetailed with those of the APDR and many APDR members became founding members of ACER.