Charles S. Resnik, MDI inherited a very strong, vibrant organization from my predecessor Duane Mezwa, and I have continued facilitating a free exchange of ideas through hundreds of emails and several conference calls with our incredible board of directors. This year we developed a comprehensive new mission statement so other organizations can have a clear understanding of what we do.

This year I initiated an active small program/non university program committee, and there has been great progress by the residency structure committee. We have heightened dialog with the American Board of Radiology at multiple levels.

Duane Mezwa, Jocelyn Chertoff, and I were active participants in the AUR strategic planning process. We have established closer ties with SCARD, and a newly developed annual leadership session with them has been inaugurated with discussion of ways of optimizing fellowship programs, with much thanks to Don Flemming, chair of our fellowship issues committee. Larry Davis and I spearheaded a unified response from all of the major radiology organizations to the ACGME request for input on the Institute of Medicine recommendations on resident duty hours.

None of this would have been possible without the true dedication to APDR by its board of directors, Duane Mezwa, Chuck Lanzieri, Larry Davis, Martha Mainiero, Jocelyn Chertoff, and Mark McKinney. Or without dedicated committee chairs Kristen DeStigter, Ali Shirkhoda, and Janet Bailey, among others. Or without our truly dedicated staff, Lise Thorsby, Laurie May, and April Townes, whose amazing organization skills keep things running smoothly. I thank them all for making this a very successful presidential year for me and for our vital organization.