Charles F. Lanzieri, MDThe APDR continued to confront and manage changes in graduate medical education as it has over the past decade. The year began as the ABR and ACR put the final touches on the restructuring plan that would move the qualifying exam toward the end of the training program and postpone the certifying exam until one year after the completion of residency.

Although the long established, beloved/hated/feared oral certifying exam continued to meet psychometric standards, the ABR remained the only medical board with the ability to certify trainees at the time of completion of the program. This left it an outlier. Other factors including the frenzy of board preparation during the training program and the logistic challenges created by oral exams convinced the ACR and ABR to act.

The action by the ACR and ABR was a bit like an act of congress and it fell to the APDR to draft the details of a new curriculum to meet the new standard and to develop guidelines for the transition from the old certification method to the new. It has actually taken several years to accomplish this goal and it will not be complete until 2013 when the first of the new exams is given. The APDR is proud to have taken the lead in making the substantive changes and deal with the many details of this transition. The APDR thus continues to serve a major role in keeping training programs compliant and innovative and to provide support for directors and coordinators.

The APDR had an opportunity to express its gratitude for the service of Doctors Arndt and Talner who each accepted the Achievement Award at the annual meeting in San Diego. The APDR also recognized the service of Murray Janower and Coralie Shaw as they announced their intention to pass their APDR leadership responsibilities as Small Programs Chair and Program Coordinator Chair on to others. These are two very important roles in the APDR board, and we thank Doctors Janower and Shaw for their long and tireless service.

It has been personally gratifying to serve as APDR President this year. I am relieved to yield the gavel and look forward to the coming years of success for the APDR.