Janet E. Bailey, MDIt was an honor and a pleasure to serve as president of APDR and work with a board of dedicated and inspiring friends, committed to radiology residency education. Our organization remained strong financially and sustained steady growth in our membership. APDR supported the efforts of program directors to continue innovation in DR residency training, ACGME Milestones assessment, ABR Core Exam preparation, and the development of fourth year curricula to enhance the training of our senior residents in both larger and smaller residency programs.

APDR took first steps toward developing a radiology residency shelf exam in collaboration with Petra Lewis, Larry Davis, and the ACR.

Work continued on developing the Interventional Radiology (IR) residency. At the 2015 AUR meeting in New Orleans Mark McKinney invited DR and IR program directors, as well as Radiology RRC Chair Jim Anderson, to share a working dinner to discuss issues related to IR residency training. The discussion was lively and all in attendance had the opportunity to learn and express their concerns. In June the APDR board and our Association of Program Directors in Interventional Radiology (APDIR) colleagues met in Chicago for a summit at the ACGME’s offices with Jim Anderson and Felicia Davis, Executive Director of the Radiology RRC. Moderated discussion and collaborative problem solving led to the development of a coherent plan to move forward the process of accreditation of IR programs. Many professional friendships have been formed and we look forward to ongoing collaboration.

APDR was thrilled to present the Achievement Award to two women who have been leaders in academic radiology, Drs. Kay Vydareny and Valerie Jackson, in appreciation for their past and ongoing work with APDR, the RRC, and the ABR.

The APDR Mission Statement was updated to reflect the role of residency training in the larger healthcare environment and to acknowledge APDRs role in facilitating Milestone implementation.

The organization made changes to its committees:

  • Ad Hoc committees Residency Structure and Milestones Project were discontinued, mission accomplished.
  • Faculty Development and Small Program/Non-University committees were converted from ad hoc to standing committees.
  • The charge of the Ethics and Professionalism committee was refined.

Bylaws changes were made:

  • A Member in Training category of membership was established.
  • The Small Program/Non-university definition was systematically revised to better reflect the composition of members.

APDR Recognized APCR’s 15th Anniversary at the Annual Meeting with banners, ribbons, celebratory pralines, a photo montage, and of course cake! Thank you Program Coordinators!!!!

Thank you to my friends on the APDR board; Kristen DeStigter, Mark McKinney, Deborah Reede, Lori Deitte, Mark Mullins, and Rich Ruchman, for your insights and humor and intelligence! You made it fun and interesting. Past presidents Duane Mezwa, Larry Davis, Jocelyn Chertoff, Martha Mainiero, Chuck Resnik, and the list goes on, you continue to loom large. To our wonderful staff members, Kristin Martino and Stephanie Taylor, your help was invaluable to me as President and essential to the success of our organization.Thanks!

-Janet Bailey