Kristen K. DeStigter, MDI am so grateful for the honor to serve as president of APDR. 2015-2016 DeStigterWith the input of an amazing team of board members and the support of our incredible staff, Stephanie Taylor and Kristin Martino, we were able to accomplish so much.

Our membership continued to grow during this year and we remained financially strong. We conducted a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the entire APDR membership leading to a strategic plan update that helped to guide the goals and objectives for the year. In an effort to support the professional growth of our program directors, we initiated the first APDR grant program that will offer up to $10,000 to program directors with innovative ideas for resident education. Three new task forces were created to meet the needs and growth of the membership: Early Career Task Force, Global Health Task Force and Genomics Education Task Force. The APDR became a member of the Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC), whose mission is to facilitate interactions among professional societies and related organizations to enhance and promote the understanding of practitioners in applying genomic medicine to cost effective decision making and clinical care.

We began discussions to develop an APDR Consulting Service that could support program directors or chairs new in a position or simply looking to get insight on complexities affecting their residencies. The ACR/APDR Memorandum of Understanding was approved to begin creating the RadExam, a level and rotation specific question database that can be disseminated nationally. Drs. Petra Lewis and Larry Davis are leading this effort. Program director volunteers with expertise in item-writing and/or item-editing were successfully recruited to develop questions, supply material, and edit/review the questions. The APDR leadership continued to engage in discussions about the new IR Residency and participated in feedback through a consensus statement about the ACGME Program Requirement revisions.

Additional Committee progress was as follows:

Archives – Chair: Mike Shortsleeve. Continued to solicit the membership and supply a list of volunteers to the ABR; oversight of the planning for the 2017 25th anniversary celebration.

Awards – Chair: Mark Mullins. Selected Drs. Mainiero and McLoud for this year’s achievement award recipients. The committee also spearheaded the proposed bylaws change to the award to up to two award recipients: one for service to APDR and the other to advancement of education in radiology.

Education Committee – Chair: Lori Deitte. Planned the teaching certificate program (on Friday). Dr. Harp Bedi recently assumed the Chair position.

Electronic Communications – Chair: Brandi Nicholson. Facebook and Twitter created. Linked In continues. Junior members were added to the committee.

Faculty Development: Chair: Mark King. The committee focused on how to enhance faculty development resources on the APDR website, through social media, and in the APDR program planning efforts.

Finance Committee: Chaired by Dr. Deitte. As of the 9/30/15 fiscal year end, APDR’s net assets were $390,503.

Long Range Planning Committee: Chaired by Mary Scanlon. The Long Range Planning committee developed new ideas for the board’s consideration early in the year, and re-focused efforts on implementation of the updated strategic plan developed by the Board.

Membership: Chaired by Joshua Nickerson and Eric Spickler. The membership committee sought creative ways to reach out to program and fellowship directors. They also had oversight of the mentor program.

Nominating: Chaired by Dr. Bailey. The nominating committee presented our next board candidate – Angelisa Paladin and Finance Committee member, Michael Gee.

Program: Chaired by Dr. Reede. Planned this year’s program.

Small Program/Non University: Chaired by Richard Ruchman.

Annual Survey: Chaired by Angelisa Paladin and Mark Robbin. Planned and executed two membership surveys this past year. The Committee is making administrative and timing changes to the survey development process.

Ethics and Professionalism: Chaired by Janet Munroe. During the year, the committee defined professionalism and discussed activities the committee could pursue.

Fellowship Directors: New chair – Ashley Aiken.

IR Residency Ad-Hoc Cte – Chaired by Dr. McKinney

Matching Plan Ad-Hoc Cte – Chaired by Dr. Rozenshtein. Provided timely information and analysis of NRMP match results and trends.

Nuclear Medicine Program Directors: Chaired by Jay Harolds, MD. Planned a course at on nuclear medicine topics of interest to PDs.

Program Director Support: Chaired by Rajeev Suri.

All in all, it was a wonderful year of growth of the organization, made more special for me by the support of so many friends who continue to serve as Past Presidents and on the Board. Thank you!