Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology (APCR)

Tribute To Jerome H. Arndt, MD

March 2006

Jerome H. Arndt, MDIn April 2002, the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology presented the "APCR Recognition Award" to Jerome H. Arndt, MD, "In Grateful Appreciation for Your Outstanding Efforts in the Establishment of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology."

Jerome H. Arndt, MD, served as Radiology Residency Program Director at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas for 20 years, and as Director of Diagnostic Radiology at BUMC from 1986 to 1995. Although now retired, Dr. Arndt remains a member of the BUMC Medical Staff with teaching privileges and continues to present resident conferences. In addition, he holds an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Dr. Arndt received the Academic Achievement Award from the Association of Program Directors in Radiology in 1997, and the Gold Medal of the Association of University Radiologists in 1999.

Among Dr. Arndt's many notable achievements was the founding of the Association of Program Directors in Radiology (APDR) in 1992, for which he served as first President from 1992 to 1994. Several years later, Dr. Arndt became involved in the founding of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology (APCR) as well. The first three Presidents of the APCR share their tributes to Dr. Arndt below.


Tribute by Dianna Otterstad
APCR President, 2000-2002

Through the years, Dr. Jerome Arndt made many contributions to his specialty, far too numerous to mention here, but we in the APCR like to think he reached the pinnacle of his illustrious career in 1998-2000 with the founding of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology! The details of Dr. Arndt's vital role in the founding of the APCR are already recounted on our website under "History of the APCR", but suffice it to say that the APCR would not exist as the strong and growing organization it is today without the unswerving support and encouragement of Dr. Arndt. The APCR simply could not have had a better advocate and role model.

I well remember the day in 1998 when Dr. Arndt strode into my office and without preamble asked, “How would you like to form an organization for radiology residency program coordinators?” The way he said it, I figured I had two choices of responses: “Yes,” and “Heck, yes!” I chose the latter, little knowing what was ahead. With Dr. Arndt’s guidance, I forged ahead with the project, and whenever I got discouraged, he was ready with sage advice to keep me going. Once, when I was overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of what we were trying to do, he said to me, “How many people in their lifetime ever have the chance to do something like this, to start a new organization from the ground up?” The light dawned and I realized that despite the problems we encountered along the way, the end result would be worth it if we stayed focused on our goal.

And so, in the year 2000, following two years of preparation, about 35 coordinators met in Orlando at the AUR/APDR Annual Meeting to officially organize. Dr. Arndt gave us a pep talk in which he somehow managed to relate our organization to oilfield workers (another example of his varied talents), kept us laughing, and, most of all, made us feel like an essential part of the administration of our residency programs. He validated us as coordinators and as an organization and acted as a liaison to the APDR, giving us credibility we would not otherwise have had.

Dr. Arndt’s generosity, support and encouragement have made the APCR a better organization, and we want to thank him and his gracious (and tolerant!) wife, Sheila, for all that they have done for us.


Tribute by Sherry Bucholz
APCR President, 2002-2003

There is nothing more gratifying in our specialty than to have our contributions recognized by our peers as having been important ones. Dr. Arndt has worked tirelessly over the years on behalf of the APCR and has played an important role – most notably being the key player in the formation of our organization. Without his quiet determination in convincing his fellow APDR members that coordinators are key in the success of residency programs, we most likely wouldn't exist as an organization today.

While serving as President of the APCR, I depended on Dr. Arndt for guidance and advice. His unwavering support and insight was invaluable. Not only was he available to listen, advise and gently steer me in the right direction behind the scenes, he was also incredibly supportive during the AUR meetings. I will always remember the meeting in Miami when I was President. Dr. Arndt called me the first night I arrived and graciously extended an invitation to dinner with he and his wife. I so appreciated his warm hospitality and encouragement that night. By showing his faith in my skills, he helped me raise my own standards and expectations for myself.

Dr. Arndt has provided the APCR and its members enduring benefit. By instilling his belief in all of us, we’ve been successful in making his vision of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology into a reality. I am proud to be a part of this organization, and I hope Dr. Arndt is proud of us as well. Thank you, Dr. Arndt.


Tribute by Pauline Marek
APCR President, 2003-2004

Dr. Arndt has been and still is a tremendous asset to the APCR. We would not be where we are today if not for him. We will never be able to thank him enough for pioneering the establishment of our association. Dr. Arndt always found time to listen, offer us advice, and support us 100%. It was always a pleasure to hear him speak to us, as he always made a point of taking time out of his busy schedule during the AUR Annual Meeting to attend one of our APCR sessions. During my term as President of the APCR, Dr. Jerry Arndt and Dr. George Curry were always available to listen and offer me advice on any matters that arose during that year, for which I thank them.