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APDR Achievement Award

The Achievement Award of the Association of Program Directors in Radiology may be given annually to up to two individuals as follows: zero or one recipient for outstanding service to the APDR, and zero or one recipient who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of education in radiology. Click on a name below to read the award tribute for the years listed.  

2022  Lori A. Deitte, MD, FAUR
2020  Kristen K. DeStigter, MD   

2019 Janet E. Bailey,  MD
Mark R. Robbin, MD
2018 J. Mark McKinney, MD
Jocelyn  D. Chertoff, MD, MS
Petra J. Lewis, MD
Martha B. Mainiero, MD
Theresa C. McLoud, MD

Valerie P. Jackson, MD
Kay H. Vydareny, MD
2014 Lawrence P. Davis, MD
2013 Michael J. Shortsleeve, MD, FACR
2012 Duane G. Mezwa, MD
2011 William Herring, MD, FACR

Jay A. Harolds, MD
Lee B. Talner, MD
2009 Murray  L. Janower, MD
2008 Philip O. Alderson, MD
2007 Janet L. Strife, MD
2006 Vijay M. Rao, MD, FACR

Jannette  Collins, MD, MEd, FCCP
Robert A. Novelline, MD
2003 Charles S. Resnik, MD
2002 Michael B. Love, MD
2001 William M. Thompson, MD
2000 Spencer B. Gay, MD
1999 David S. Hartman,  MD
1998 No Award
1997 Jerome H. Arndt, MD