Philip O. Alderson, MDI received an APDR email a couple of weeks ago that requested that I reply with some information about issues that were addressed during my year as President of APDR (1998 - 1999). My comments will not be as extensive or important as those of Dr. Arndt. There is one project, though, that had lasting impact. It was during my term that APDR was able to convince the ACR (I was on the BOC at that time, also) to fund the creation and distribution nationwide of a series of videotapes (how technology has changed in 10 years) about non-interpretive skills in Radiology. We recruited the speakers, taped a series of presentations in a Washington, DC, studio with live resident audiences (I was the series host), and got the tapes sent to all the programs. About two years later, 2 - 3 more tapes were made. We also convinced Janni Collins to edit a series of manuscripts on the same material (or did Janni convince us?) and these were published in the AJR as a series on non-interpretive skills. As recently as last June in Louisville during the ABR exams , one of the guest examiners told me that his group still was using the tapes and that they were thought to be quite valuable. This project and it's related spin offs clearly was the most important thing we did during my leadership of the APDR. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.