Janet L. Strife, MDSome of the key issues of the year regarded relationships with the AUR and other societies. The Association of Program Directors celebrated its tenth year of existence separate from the American University of Radiologists. There was lots of discussion about being “under the umbrella of the AUR”! The tenth year celebration provided an ideal time to highlight and review the APDR accomplishments. As a separate entity, the APDR members were able to focus on the educational needs of the program directors and tried to be inclusive of both large academic programs and small independent programs. There were many new issues related to the ACGME mandated core-competencies as they relate to resident education. We all struggled initially to name the core competencies, to think of ways of teaching them, and also evaluating them. At the annual meeting, there were individuals that spoke about the core competencies and success/non success of implementation. We designed a program for new Program Directors which was held on a Saturday so that many individuals could attend. The Association of Program Directors in radiology had many conjoint sessions with the Program Coordinators which facilitated the needed changes in residency education.

The Strategic Alliance was developed to coordinate leadership among the many societies interested in education and learning. The Alliance document of agreement was developed so that societies could work better together and decrease redundancy. The Alliance group consisted of leadership representatives of the AUR, APDR, SCARD, and the RSNA. One of the first planned sessions involved a program sponsored by the RSNA on Life Long Learning.

Dr. Jannette Collins and Dr. Robert Novelline were selected for recipients of the APDR Achievement Award which was given at the annual meeting.

The best part of my tenure was working with the APDR membership and admiring the team of individuals that was so committed to program development and enhancing our radiology residencies, faculty development or improving leadership groups. I will always be grateful for this leadership experience and the many friends that I have made through the organization. Special thanks to the wonderful support of Lise Thorsby, APDR Account Executive.