J. Mark McKinney, MDI am most gratified that one of the first accomplishments during my APDR presidential year was the debut of a new logo for APDR. Multiple design choices were explored and vetted resulting in the creation of a more contemporary logo our society. I wish to express my thanks to designer Pamela Kuehl, APDR past president Martha Mainiero, and the APDR Board for their thoughtful input and participation in the logo design process.

The 2013-2014 year was also notable for the efforts by APDR to provide input and guidance in the formation of the new IR residency training program. APDR resources and experience in graduate medical education were utilized to assist the Society of Interventional Radiology and the Association of Program Directors in Interventional Radiology (APDIR). APDR invited the APDIR president as a guest to APDR board meetings to enhance communication and collaboration.

APDR was glad to present the Achievement Award to past president Dr. Lawrence Davis in appreciation of his work with APDR and the RRC.

Other events during 2013-2014:

  • The APDR website was revised for increased functionality and a more contemporary appearance.
  • APDR made its first foray into social media with a presence on LinkedIn.
  • An informal roundtable meeting was initiated at RSNA led by Angelisa Paladin discussing the new ACGME Milestones.
  • A workgroup led by Lori Deitte was formed with APCR and A3CR2 to identify best practices for the Core Exam and develop strategies for the Certifying Examination.

I want to thank the APDR board and especially Kristin Martino and Stephanie Taylor for their invaluable assistance during my term as President.