Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology (APCR)

APCR Board of Directors: 2019-2020


LATOYA WRIGHTPrior to her role as a program coordinator, LaToya worked in the Business Office at the University of Missouri-Kansas City supporting Graduate Medical Education Programs, the GME Office, and DIO of the institution. She worked closely with program coordinators across all disciplines and quickly gained an interest in Graduate Medical Education training programs and in serving as a leader in this profession.

LaToya has been a program coordinator for one of the largest Radiology-Diagnostic programs in the country for over 8 years. Her goal is to plan, develop, and implement progressive change in the administration of our specialty through her knowledge of ACGME principles, practices, and philosophy. In addition, LaToya’s goal is to encourage professional growth, leadership, and personnel management among program coordinators by initiating innovative ideas, processes, and standards; to create a culture of excellence for coordinators and programs across the country. She has a strong passion for excellence and is eager to serve at the forefront and represent the APCR.