Health Care Disparities

a) Health Care Disparities in Radiology: A Primer for Resident Education. (Americo, 2018)

Article provides educators with a primer that defines concepts such as diversity, inclusion, health disparity, and cultural competency, and offers a literature review that highlights healthcare disparities in radiology.


b) Getting Over Your Fear of Talking About Diversity(Auger-Dominguez, 2019)

Harvard Business Review article discusses how leaders should not be afraid to speak up and stand up for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and provides ways to start the conversation.


c) Intentional Approach to Diversity Produces Measurable Results | Radiology | American College of Radiology | AMA Ed Hub

Article describes the benefits of intentional diversity and inclusion and how to measure the impact of efforts made for diversity, inclusion and belonging.


d) Racial Bias in Pain Assessment. (Hoffman, 2016)

The study examines health care disparities in pain assessment and treatment recommendations and examines if racial biases are a result of false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites.