APDR Listserv

Welcome to the APDR Listserv. The APDR listserv is a useful tool for members of the group to send brief questions and communications and get quick responses from interested colleagues.

To ensure the best experience for all members, we have established some basic rules for participation. APDR reserves the right to suspend or terminate participation in this listserv for anyone who violates these rules.

The Rules

  • The APDR listserv provides a useful tool for members of the group to send brief questions and communications and to receive quick responses from interested colleagues.
  • The listserv is not intended to replace the more formal survey process. The formal survey process should be followed for all surveys.
  • Please do not attack others. The discussions and comments are meant to stimulate conversation not to create contention. 
  • Do not use the group list or any contact information therefrom to promote meetings, open positions, services, or yourself.
  • Do not harvest member contact information from the community for any purpose. 
  • Do not use this group to post salary or other information that could be construed as in violation of antitrust laws. 
  • Remember that other participants have the right to reproduce postings to this Site unless you specify otherwise.
  • All messages must add to the body of knowledge. We reserve the right to reject any messages that violate the policies.

To email a message to APDR member participants of the listserv, draft the message from your registered email and send it to

You can reduce the amount of emails you receive in Google Groups. Click “My groups”. Under APDR, change your email preferences in the drop-down box from “Every new message” to “Combined Updates (25 messages per email) “

Contact with any questions.