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APCR Standing Committees: 2023-2024

The members of the Standing Committees of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology (APCR) are chosen by the President. Unless otherwise specified, the term for all committee appointments is one year, with eligibility for reappointment annually for a period of five years.


Description of Standing Committees


Co-Chairs: Amanda Hicks & LaToya Wright
[email protected] & [email protected]
The Archives Committee maintains and develops the APCR’s archives to preserve APCR history. The Archives Committee works closely with the Electronic Communications Committee.


Co-Chairs: Amanda Hicks & Angela Huff
[email protected] & [email protected] 
The Awards Committee determines the nature and recipients of any and all awards and honors established in the name of the Association, such as the Outstanding Coordinator Award.

Chairs: Amanda Hicks
[email protected]
The Electronic Communications Committee develops and updates the content of the APCR website, monitors the Radiology Program Coordinators Group on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and functions as the liaison with the APDR for maintenance of the website.

Chair: Sheik Amin
[email protected] 
The Fellowship Committee communicates with fellowship coordinators on ways to improve fellowship programs, to prepare for upcoming changes and challenges, and to network with one another. The committee was created in response to specific fellowship issues regarding ACGME updates such as the Milestones and the self-study and site visits. Members strive to provide each other with resources and professional support.

Co-Chairs: Ranitta McDowell & Samantha Schnitzer
[email protected] & [email protected]
The IR/DR Committee began with support to programs with questions relating to the application process for starting IR programs at their institutions. The committee will provide with updates, announcements, resources and professional support to IR/DR program coordinators for continued accreditation and overall success of programs. 

Chair: Angela Huff
[email protected] 
The Membership Committee encourages and facilitate the recruitment of new members, and works together with the Mentoring Committee. The Chair will review all applications for membership, determining that eligibility requirements have been met, and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The Membership Committee will maintain an accurate membership database and mailing list.

Chair: Melissa Laity 
[email protected]
The Mentoring Committee organizes the Mentoring Program within the APCR, pairing volunteer mentors with members who have requested a mentor. The Mentoring Committee works closely with the Membership Committee. New members can request to be paired with a mentor.


Chair: Susan Lamey
[email protected] 
The Professional Development Committee collects and disseminates data relating to career and professional development and, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may undertake projects to further the professional development of APCR members.


Chair: Ranitta McDowell
[email protected] 
The Scholarship Committee oversees the APCR Scholarship Fund, and organizes any fundraising events to maintain the fiscal ability to offer the APCR Scholarship. The committee reviews applications and selects one recipient who meets the scholarship application guidelines for the annual award.


Co-Chairs: Samantha Schnitzer and Amanda Hicks
[email protected] & [email protected]
The Special Events Committee makes recommendations and arranges for special activities to be held during AAR to celebrate APCR special anniversaries. 


Chair: Melinda Parangan-Chu
[email protected] 
The Survey Committee administers all survey requests from members once they are approved by the President. The committee works with the Electronic Communications Committee to post all survey results.


Chair: Sandra Palma
[email protected] 
The Wellness Committee encourages and empowers projects to cultivate positive changes in the growth of wellness for our coordinators and all those that we support within our programs.