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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Curriculum for Radiology Program Directors and Residents

A start-up guide for your DEI needs

In the new world of AAMC Diversity 3.0 and value based-care, the much-awaited DEI curriculum from the APDR is now available, offering the starting-kit tools that you need to establish a DEI curriculum within your department, and to train your residents in DEI. 


Essential Elements of DEI

Essential Elements of Diversity and Inclusion PPP – Dr. Carolynn Debenedectis, MD

Reference Articles and EB DEI Interventions

Reference Articles

  1. Why are Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Important
  2. Health Care Disparities
  3. Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions
  4. Cultural Competency in Radiology
  5. DEI in Recruitment
  6. Specific groups

Online Training Modules
IAT- Harvard Implicit Bias Test
Person you mean to be
People with Disabilities   

Educational DEI Videos
  • AAMC Video - Exploring Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine
    Video interview with former AAMC Diversity Officer, Marc Nivet, Ed.D. and Howard Ross, founder and former chief learning officer of Cook Ross, Inc., explores the role unconscious bias plays in the success of institutional diversity initiatives.
  • Unconscious bias: Revealing our Blind Spots
    Instructional video from University of Arizona College of Medicine defining unconscious bias, demonstrating evidence that it exists and providing ways to mitigate the unconscious bias.


Guidelines to meet AAMC DEI Requirements
Checklist for Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments